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Bittersweet cover 10.9.13 finalMy name is Miranda Beverly-Whittemore and I’m a writer. This project, FriendStories, was born from my third novel, Bittersweet, which is about two college roommates, Ev and Mabel, who spend a summer together. What begins as a friendship born of mutual need becomes something deeper, and then darker, as both young women discover truths about themselves and each other.

When I was first working on Bittersweet, people would ask me what the book was about. So I’d tell them about Ev and Mabel and their rocky friendship. Nearly every time I described the book- especially when I was talking to a woman-  the feedback I got was, and has been, consistent (whether the listener be a friend, fellow writer, or someone at my publishing house); she would start telling me a friendship story of her own.

Each tale drew me in, from prom dates stolen, to beloved best friends who’d moved away. I found myself engrossed in the passions, heartbreaks, embarrassments and triumphs of these other women’s girlhood selves. As the tales added up, I realized I wanted to create a place where such stories could live, together.

Each week, on Mondays and Thursdays, a new FriendStory is posted. Any woman who had a girlhood friend can contribute. So far, contributors have included stay-at-home-moms, professional writers, retirees, and more. Would you like to add your story?

You can find me here: MirandaBW.com / Bittersweet Book Launch / Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest

You can preorder Bittersweet here: Powell’s / Indiebound / Amazon / Barnes & Noble