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Portrait of a Friendship: Guille and Belinda in Alessandra Sanguinetti’s Photographs

In this new, occasional series, Miranda Beverly-Whittemore writes about girlhood friendships as they are depicted in pieces of art – film, fiction, photography, etc. 

Alessandra Sanguinetti’s arresting photographs of two Argentine farm girls, Guille and Belinda, is one of my all-time favorite bodies of photographic work. Sanguinetti was on a farm working on her magnificent book On The Sixth Day (which I am also in love with), and happened to befriend the two little girls who were often playing at the edge of her photographic field. She decided to play with them, and specifically to enlist them to act out or demonstrate the particular stories and characters they were pretending to be, and then she took pictures. What Sanguinetti’s portraits of this friendship captures, then, is the honest imaginative play between two girls, that liminal space in which girls allow their minds and bodies to take them beyond the bounds of reality. Sanguinetti has now been taking pictures of Guille and Belinda since 1999.

Here is a link to Sanguinetti writing about photographing the girls.

And here is a link to some of the beautiful photographs she has made with them.

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